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Imperial Mark

The Imperial Mark is the one of highest accolades a business can earn. It's only given to organizations that go beyond the normal levels of excellence and luxury, basically those that are top of their industry.

Being highly exclusive it is almost impossible for normal businesses to attain, and so it's only for the big boys.

Unofficially Imperial Marks sometimes take the name of the first organization to get them. For example, in London, there is the Claridges Imperial Mark, which of course is still held by the hotel, but also the Harrods Imperial Mark.

The Mark is highly respected by those who know of it, and is considered the ultimate accolade, a sign of luxury and class that is unmatched.

Organization which hold one or have held one in the last five years include some of the most well known brands in the world, including:

Tiffanys of New York
Omega watches
The Four Seasons
Clive Christian

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